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Are you restless or hungry for more in your life? Are you seeking wisdom or looking for inspiration? The gospel gave guidance to Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi as they followed the footprints of Jesus some 800 years ago. The witness of their lives and values continue to inspire those of us on a spiritual journey today. Join Sister Michelle L’Allier and her guests for a time of shared reflection and conversation.

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Our host: Sister Michelle L’Allier, a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, Minnesota, lives in an intergenerational intentional community of Sisters and young adults. She serves at the Franciscan Life Center based out of Little Falls, as well as in Companioning Ministry as she accompanies persons in vocational discernment.

Sister Michelle has done retreats, spiritual direction, presentations and pastoral work in the US and beyond. Creative and engaging, she brings keen insight and diverse resources to the challenges facing people of faith today.


This podcast is a collaborative venture. Thanks to each person who brings it to birth!

Working team:

Amanda Lampert: colleague and social media sage

Christi Hartwell: colleague and editor par-excellence

JoAnn Dahl: Franciscan Associate and co-conspirator

Veronica Rivadeneira and Arlen Casco: Franciscan Associates and Spanish version coordinators; see Sabiduria Franciscana 


Icon Description:

Here the Holy Spirit and the Tau Cross together support emerging new life symbolized by the green branch. This image signifies our rootedness in what has gone before while giving wing to the work of the Spirit today. The Tau, found in both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets and referred to in Ezekiel 9:4, is a well-loved symbol in the Franciscan family. In keeping with church renewal of his time, Saint Francis of Assisi took the Tau as his personal seal or signature.  


The pictures on the banner reflect some of the women and men who have been guests on the podcast as well as those who have translated and recorded the episodes dubbed in Spanish.


Resource Persons:

Podcast Music Composer

Cathy Tisel Nelson: friend and Franciscan Cojourner:; Music: My One Desire from her album “Tenderhearted God,” © Cathy Tisel Nelson. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Podcast Mentor

Paula Jenkins: friend and creator of Jump Start Your Joy podcast, and Joy of Podcasting:


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